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I create two simple application on my local machine 1. Server , 2 Client
I want to get client info on server, locally i am able to do.
But when i am booting any other laptop through LAN, I want to run my client code on that laptop, so that i can pick the data from laptop to my machine.

What I have tried:

<pre>static void Main(string[] args)
            TcpListener server = new TcpListener(8888);
            Console.WriteLine("Server started and waiting for client");

            Socket socketforClient = server.AcceptSocket();

            if (socketforClient.Connected)
                //Send Messsage from Client
                NetworkStream ns = new NetworkStream(socketforClient);
                StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(ns);
                Console.WriteLine("Server >> Welcome Client");
                sw.WriteLine("Welcome Client");


                //Get Messsage from Client
                StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(ns);
                Console.WriteLine("Client >>" + sr.ReadLine());


Updated 1-Jul-20 21:17pm

1 solution

You can't start an app on the client machine without jumping through some real hoops, and having admin control over the machine - which is not the default for good reason.

Certainly, you can't start a WinForms app on a client until the client has logged in, as there is no way for it to interact with a user until then.

A much, much simpler approach is to have it installed to boot on startup: How to launch application at logon/startup[^]
Shakir Ali 3-Jul-20 23:56pm
Thanks for your response, I got your point.
Is there any use of PXE boot or DHCP ? because for long run I want to host my application on a server, and through LAN i will boot multiple laptop at once, for those laptop, i need to save motherboard info on my server.

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