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I want to forward an email based on the origin of a page, lets say I have 3 contact forms and I fill contact form 1 in. It'll send it to automaticly. If I fill in contact form 2, it sends automatically an email to Is this possible in the email settings or do I need a javascript?

Thanks, Sam

What I have tried:

Only google but can't find the solution.
Updated 2-Jul-20 2:02am
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jul-20 5:07am
You need some code to do the actual sending of the message. It will not happen by magic.
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 5:43am
Using google search, which is what you need to do this popped up as the first answer -
F-ES Sitecore 2-Jul-20 7:00am
Javascript to send email that only needs you to put your username and password in the script. What could possibly go wrong :)
Sam Vorst 2-Jul-20 7:19am
Is it also possible with PHP? On each page mailto the right mailadress??
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 7:27am
@F-ES, I was merely showing the ease of trying to do a search first before asking for help :)

You haven't given enough information for a proper answer, but assuming you have multiple forms all submitting to the same server-side page then add a "hidden" field to the form to indicate the source. Read the value of the hidden field in your page to know what form submitted it and change the destination address based on that.

<input type="hidden" value="form1" />

have a look at PHPMailer available on github.

It covers all grounds for sending mails, read through the documentation first to understand what it does, there are also plenty samples available.

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