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Hi there,

i've got a big problem.

A sheet contains in one column the following values and formats:

5678 with format '00000' resulting in 05678 displayed
06789 with format 'Standard' resulting in 06789 displayed

Now, when i process the sheet for the first cell with

string cellContent = Convert.ToString(((Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range)ExcelWorksheet.Cells[r,c]).Value);

I'm getting 5678

string cellContent = Convert.ToString(((Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range)ExcelWorksheet.Cells[r,c]).Value2);

I'm getting 5678

string cellContent = Convert.ToString(((Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range)ExcelWorksheet.Cells[r,c]).Text);

I'm getting 5678

In each case i'm getting the base values, not the displayed values.

My question is, how do i get the formatted (displayed) value from the cell?



What I have tried:

Read and try a lot about it without success.
Updated 3-Jul-20 13:41pm
Richard Deeming 6-Jul-20 10:09am
The Range.Text property[^] should return "the formatted text for the specified object", which sound like what you want.

1 solution

My question is, how do i get the formatted (displayed) value from the cell?

Well, it would appear you have some formatting being applied at a global/sheet level, or a column level, or individual cells - you seem to indicate this because of the
with format '00000'
but Im unsure how the 'Standard' format is set up

Approach 1 would therefore be to be able to read and decode the format information from the spreadsheet and apply the same format to your C# string cellContent, whether that's a 'local' or a 'Standard' format setting/ This discussion *may* ymmv help you in this respect c# - How to know the formatting of Excel Cell - Stack Overflow[^]

Approach 2 would be "I cant get/interpret the formatting data from Excel", so I'll handle it locally in C#

Both approaches end the same way, in that (in the case you have shown) it's a

cellContent.PadLeft(5, '0')

It is often the case in software that a value - number, or date, is stored in way/value, but what we see is a 'formatting' directive being applied - dates are a classic, they are so rarely stored as a character set of (eg) "2020/07/04", as opposed to being stored in a numerical form which makes them easier to compare and calculate against

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