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I have already created a DataGridView table for my UI. I would like it so the headings and formatting stays as it is, but simply when a Row is populated, the information to the stored in a local database (or potentially just to a file if its simpler, I just want the inputted information to be there whenever I start the solution). How can I achieve this?

The data gets inputted from textboxes along with a combo-box and datetimepicker, and when a button is pressed, the information gets printed into a row. I would like it so just the rows simply go into a database or file, without messing up the formatting.

Please ask for clarity if needed.

What I have tried:

        Dim dgvGeneralRow As Object() = New Object() {Nothing, txtTaskName.Text, txtTaskTag1.Text, cmbPriority.SelectedItem.ToString(), dateDUE.Value.ToString(), txtLink.Text, txtNoteEntry.Text}
The Code above, allows for the textbox, combobox and datepicker entry to be added to the relevant columns of my already made DataGridView.

I want it so the data entered writes to a file (read and write), or so the data entered gets placed within a local database.

I want to be able to move certain rows of the DataGridView to another DataGridView in another form. What will be the best way?
Updated 8-Jul-20 23:57pm
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:28am
Please show some code to better understand your question.
Shaheer Rizwan 9-Jul-20 3:51am
I have added the code I used, and what I want to achieve exactly
Richard MacCutchan 9-Jul-20 5:02am
It is a simple matter to save the new data to a file or database after you add it to the DataGridView. What exactly is the difficulty you are facing?

1 solution

2 Questions in here if I understand it correctly -
1) Read and write to a file using -
How to read from and write to a text file

2)Add data to a database table using -
Insert new records into a database

Not sure if the Move row data from this grid to another was a question -
move selected data to another datagridview
Shaheer Rizwan 9-Jul-20 6:19am
Thank you, I will have a look! Sorry I am abit of a newbie when it comes to programming in general.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 6:22am
Pleasure and no problem at all, why I gave you 3 tutorial links to follow which will help you sharpen your teeth.

If it helps, you know what to do, thanks.

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