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intent = getIntent();

   Uri contactUri = intent.getData();
                    if(contactUri!= null) {


What I have tried:

getPath() or getname() i am trying to reteive the name of the file but instead of returning the real name of file, it is returning some numeric nummbers. When i use getPath() it is returning something like /external/file/36587 instead of real name of file such as xyx.pdf. Can someone help me to return the real name of the file.please.
David Crow 9-Jul-20 11:56am    
Ummm, what file?
Vivek Kansal 9-Jul-20 12:09pm    
PDF file
Richard MacCutchan 9-Jul-20 12:06pm    
What does contactUri contain after the call to getData?
Vivek Kansal 9-Jul-20 12:10pm    
Its a PDF file
David Crow 9-Jul-20 12:32pm    
The actual file contents, or just the relative/absolute path to/of the file?

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