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It appears to be a simple query, however, I am sending a link to user with query string values. Once user access this link, fills in the details and submits the form, I am collecing the data submitted along with the query stirng.

Problem being Query string values are always null.

I have tried accessing it throuhg request, request.querystring , http context etc. Nothing works. Any idea?

What I have tried:

public class HomeController : Controller
  public ActionResult Index()
    // Code to Generate a link and sending email.
    // Link is of aformat http://localhost:1234/HomeController/Index1? 

    return View();
public ActionResult Index1()
    return View();
public ActionResult Index1(string name,string email,formCollection collection)
   // Name and email here are always null while I get the avalues in form collection,
    return View();

Updated 31-Jul-20 22:21pm

1 solution

If you have type this link
into your browser.

This action method inside your controller can catch that link above.
public ActionResult Index1(string name, string email)
  //get the values of name, email 
  return View();

Hope this helps.

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