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Dear All,

This is a simple greeting application where the user selects Template design, label with display his name and he will convert to JPG or any other image file.
Please help. C# or VB.


What I have tried:

I had tried so many codes for one week from the Internet but nothing is working with me.
Updated 16-Jul-20 2:44am
DerekT-P 16-Jul-20 7:55am    
Well, depending on the complexity of the HTML in your label etc (formatting? Wrapping? Alignment? Opacity? etc.. etc..) you'll need to use some sort of HTML renderer. There are some designed specifically for this job, others more targeted at generating PDFs etc. It's not C#'s job to render HTML. If you have very simple requirements (you know the font, colour, no issues with wrapping etc) then you can do it directly in C#. However - this whole operation seems to be the sum total of your application, it feels like you're being a bit cheeky and asking us to write your app for you. If you had shown us your "best effort" and given us a specific problem you were encountering, I'm sure many would be happy to help. Ultimately, you're saying "this is a simple ... application" but then admitting it's so hard you've spent a week on it and not come close... Rather than copy/paste from the internet, have you thought of understanding what you're trying to achieve, then writing it from scratch?
Sajid H. A. Rashid 16-Jul-20 8:44am    
I am now using this method Thank you so much god bless you

1 solution

Finally getting fed up for 5 days. I am finally using this method. Display Watermark on Existing Image on Page Load using C# in ASP.Net | ASPForums.Net[^]
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