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I want to join three table that is in different database and show the result in datagrid view.

First table contain
ID, Group_Id, Voucher, Bill, Vendor_Id, Amount

Second Table Contain
Group_Id, Group_Name

Third Table Contain
Vendor_Id, Vendor_Name, Vendor_Address

I want result like
ID, Group_Name, Voucher, Bill, Vendor_Name, Vendor_Address, Amount

And after joining I want to show these data in Datagridview in C#

My problem is, I am only able to find Inner Join with same database over the internet. But I cant find Inner Join of Tables with different database on same server.

What I have tried:

str1 = "select `ID`, `Group_ID`, `Voucher_No`, `Bill_No`, `Date`, `Vendor_Id`, `Amount` from BillTable where (Group_ID= ''+ @searchsys + '')";
                cmd1 = new OleDbCommand(str1, cn);

                cmd1.Parameters.Add(new OleDbParameter("@searchsys", Convert.ToString(groupidDBS)));

                da1 = new OleDbDataAdapter(cmd1);

                OleDbDataReader reader4 = cmd1.ExecuteReader();
Updated 17-Jul-20 2:47am

You have tagged this as Access but refer to
different database on same server.
therefore I am going to assume it is some kind of SQL.

You can refer to a table by connecting to a specific database and just using its name e.g.
select [ID] from Table1
but you can also give it its "full name" - including the database name and the schema name e.g.
select [ID] from [database2].[dbo].Table1
If you are using Access and the table is in a different .accdb file then use Linked Tables (intro here[^] - but don't call the service!)

EDIT - also - avoid SQL Injection attacks (see SQL Injection | OWASP[^] ) by using Parameterised Queries (see OleDbCommand.Parameters Property (System.Data.OleDb) | Microsoft Docs[^] )
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Maciej Los 17-Jul-20 7:41am    
The Digigraphy 17-Jul-20 7:42am    
Hello @CHill60. Sorry to create confusion. It is Access database/
CHill60 17-Jul-20 12:34pm    
In that case I would use Linked tables personally - that way they will "look" as if they are in the same file

The Digigraphy wrote:
My Database Location of First Table is- C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\BillData.accdb
And Second Database Location is

Both these database are in different location. And I want to join them

You've got two ways to achieve that:
1) create one database and
a) link all tables from all databases
b) move (import) all tables from different databases into one
See: Import or link to data in another Access database - Access[^]
Then use this query:
SELECT t1.ID, t2.Group_Name, t1.Voucher, t1.Bill, t3.Vendor_Name, t3.Vendor_Address, t1.Amount
FROM FirstTable t1 
    INNER JOIN SecondTable t2 ON t1.Group_Id = t2.Group_Id
    INNER JOIN ThirdTable t3 ON t1.Vendor_Id = t3.Vendor_Id
--WHERE t1.Group_Id = ?

I'd reocmmend to use this way.

2) use IN clause[^]:
You'll need to modify the body of query this way:
SELECT t1.ID, t2.Group_Name, t1.Voucher, t1.Bill, t3.Vendor_Name, t3.Vendor_Address, t1.Amount
FROM FirstTable t1 --this database is initial database (defined in connection string)
    INNER JOIN SecondTable IN 'C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\Master\GroupList.accdb' t2 ON t1.Group_Id = t2.Group_Id
    INNER JOIN ThirdTable IN 'C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\ThirdDatabase.accdb' t3 ON t1.Vendor_Id = t3.Vendor_Id
WHERE t1.Group_Id = ?

Above should also work, but it's more complicated.

So, changed code may looks like:
Dim firstFileName As String = "C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\BillData.accdb"
Dim secondFileName As String = "C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\Master\GroupList.accdb"
Dim thirdFileName As String = "C:\Users\Digi\Source\Soft\Master\ThirdDatabase.accdb"
Dim sConStr = String.Format("Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source={0};;Persist Security Info=False;", firstFileName)
Dim dt As DataTable = New DataTable()

Using connection AS OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection(sConStr)
    Dim sql As String = String.Format("SELECT t1.ID, t2.Group_Name, t1.Voucher, t1.Bill, t3.Vendor_Name, t3.Vendor_Address, t1.Amount{0}FROM FirstTable t1{0}    INNER JOIN SecondTable IN '{1}' t2 ON t1.Group_Id = t2.Group_Id{0}    INNER JOIN ThirdTable IN '{2}' t3 ON t1.Vendor_Id = t3.Vendor_Id{0}WHERE t1.Group_Id = ?", vbCrLf, secondFileName, thirdFileName)
    Using command As OleDbCommand= New OleDbCommand(sql, connection)
        command.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter() With {.OleDbType = OleDbType.VarChar, .Value=2})
        Dim reader As OleDbDataReader = command.ExecuteReader()
    End Using
End Using
'load data into dgv component
DataGridView1.DataSource = dt

Access connection strings -[^]
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The Digigraphy 17-Jul-20 7:58am    
Hello Maciej Los, In this query how do I give the table connection?
Like Location of First Table's Database is different from Second Table's Database
Maciej Los 17-Jul-20 8:07am    
Just replace "FirstTable", "SecondTable" and "ThirdTable" with the real names of tables.
The Digigraphy 17-Jul-20 8:48am    
Hey, actually I'm trying to implement it in c#. I wrote following code as you suggest. But this required OleDbConnection for each Table. How do I implement this?

str = "Select t1.ID, t2.Group_Name, t1.Voucher_No, t1.Bill_No, t1.Date, t3.Vendor_Name FROM BillTable t1 INNERJOIN GroupName t2 t1.Group_ID = t2.Group_ID INNERJOIN VendorList t3 ON t1.Vendor_Id = t3.Vendor_Id ";
da = new OleDbDataAdapter(str, cn);
Maciej Los 17-Jul-20 8:57am    
There must be only one connection! You should instantiate it before you create DataAdapter.
The Digigraphy 17-Jul-20 9:03am    
How do I use one connection for different database?

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