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I have a webservice to do which I need to do in c ++ builder 10.3.3
Requirements: werbservice rest, iis hosting, main VCL application in C ++ Builder
Can anyone recommend a website, book or help with their experience?

What I have tried:

So far, I have dealt with the creation of XML from the data from the main form (main application) and I know how to read (parsing) the XML response.
Updated 19-Jul-20 17:33pm
[no name] 18-Jul-20 8:05am    
Have a look here (the site is extremly slow):[^]

I'm not sure why the hosting in IIS requirement - you could use 'Pistache' User's Guide[^] for example. If you need a gateway/front-end, consider using Nginx or similar
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My 2 tip:
It sounds like you could take a look at the Windows Web Services API - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs[^].

Since you are mentioning IIS, I can only assume that you are running you software on Windows.

You should probably not mix IIS and VCL forms ...

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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The first problem I encountered was how to display the XML file in memo and treeview components.
I found such a piece of code on the web
FILE * stream;
  char FirstLine [512];

  OpenDialog1-> Options.Clear ();
  OpenDialog1-> Options << ofAllowMultiSelect << ofFileMustExist;
  OpenDialog1-> Filter = "Text files (* .txt) | * .txt | All files (*. *) | *. *";
  OpenDialog1-> FilterIndex = 2; // start the dialog showing all files
  if (OpenDialog1-> Execute ())
    for (int I = 0; I <OpenDialog1-> Files-> Count; I ++)
      stream = fopen (AnsiString (OpenDialog1-> Files-> Strings [I]). c_str (), "r");
      if (stream)
        // read the first line from the file
        fgets (FirstLine, sizeof (FirstLine), stream);
        Memo1-> Lines-> Append (firstLine);
        fclose (stream);

At the beginning I wanted to display the file in memo and something is displayed but.
First of all, the file is not AnsiString but UTF-8 and secondly, only the first line is displayed in my memo (according to what is written in the code).
You can help because I'm out of ideas.
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