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Element script cannot be nested in an element select

I try to put html code in the question using "Paste using plain text"
but in preview screen it comes out much different than what I pasted?

Have tried several different ways of doing paste?

maybe the actual question will be more readable than preview part of form I am seeing?

with code:


for (var i = 1; i < 32; i++) {

What I have tried:

have been staring at it compared to online course example I am working
with and see no difference?

Updated 19-Jul-20 0:58am
Peter_in_2780 19-Jul-20 1:28am
Use "paste as ... CODE BLOCK", then we might have a chance to see your code.

1 solution

Based on the error: "Element script cannot be nested in an element select"
Seems you have put up a SCRIPT tag inside a SELECT tag. It's not allowed to do so, hence the error.

Simply move the SCRIPT tag added from there to end of HEAD or start of BODY tag.

Hope that helps!

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