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Hi, i am newbie of php laravel and i am trying to call the sp and send it to email.

What I have tried:

This is My Controller Page
public function mailsend()
$data=DB::statement('CALL SendMailABC(?,?,?)',
'1', //ID
'User 2', //User
'David' //Name
\Mail::to('')->send(new SendMail($data));
return 'A message has been sent to Mailtrap!';

My Mail Page
public function __construct($data)
public function build()
return $this -> from('', 'Test Mail')
-> subject('mail from mee')
-> view('mails.mailview')
'Login_ID'=>$this->prm_ID, //prm_ID is from sp field
'User'=>$this->prm_User, ''
'Name'=>$this->prm_Name, ''

it comes out with the "Undefined property: App\Mail\SendMail::$prm_LoginID " error whenever i try to execute
Richard MacCutchan 21-Jul-20 6:56am
I do not see any reference to prm_LoginID in the above code. Where does this error message appear? What does the stored procedure return?
BBO001 21-Jul-20 21:26pm
all the prm_ is my store procedure's IN parameter
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jul-20 3:33am
Well I can only assume that prm_LoginID is not being given any value in your stored (not store) procedure.

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