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I have a method that accepts an Id parameter. I get the record from Database using that parameter and I have made some changes to the record.

Now, I want to validate those changes using "TryValidateModel" or "ValidateModel" and I want to get the list of errors if there is any to send them through API and not sending them to view.

I have been searching for a way to do that and most of the articles that I found are talking about getting them through "ModelState.Where". However, the record is not coming from a view.

Here is the method:

What I have tried:

public async Task<ActionResult> Anyname(int id)
            // Get record
            var app = await db.Appointments.FindAsync(id);
            // Do some changes
            app.patFname = null;
            // check if model is valid
            bool isValid = TryValidateModel(app);
            if (!isValid)
                // I want to get the list of error and send them back 
                return new HttpStatusCodeResult(200);
Updated 28-Mar-21 23:54pm

have a look to the sources:
GitHub MVC Controller

after calling TryValidationModel - you can get the errors via ModelState.
have a look to function below.

am sure you can modify that code for you specific needs.

protected internal bool TryValidateModel(object model, string prefix)
    if (model == null)
        throw new ArgumentNullException("model");

    ModelMetadata metadata = ModelMetadataProviders.Current.GetMetadataForType(() => model, model.GetType());

    foreach (ModelValidationResult validationResult in ModelValidator.GetModelValidator(metadata, ControllerContext).Validate(null))
        ModelState.AddModelError(DefaultModelBinder.CreateSubPropertyName(prefix, validationResult.MemberName), validationResult.Message);

    return ModelState.IsValid;
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Seems straight forward with passing the model instance to the TryValidateModel.
Just pass the instance of your model to check, something like below:
UserInfo info = new UserInfo();
info.FirstName = "value from DB";
info.LastName = "known value";
info.BirthDate = DateTime.Parse("user provided value");


Refer: Validate Model Programmatically in ASP.NET MVC | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base[^]
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Member 12701700 22-Jul-20 7:43am    
Naah, I was trying to grab the list of errors.
I know that TryValidateModel will check if it's valid or not,
I just want to get the error list if not valid.
I hope that makes it clear.
Thanks antway
Sandeep Mewara 22-Jul-20 8:19am    
You ned to use: ValidateSummary for it. Examples on web. see:
Member 12701700 22-Jul-20 9:32am    
No man, I am trying to get the list of errors in the controller not in the view,
I want to send them through API.
Got me :) thanks in advance
var errors = ModelState.Select(x => x.Value.Errors)
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