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Hello Friends,

Is there a way by which we can call an applescript function inside a javascript/jQuery or an ajax function ?

Thank you.

1 solution

mandar_dt 14-Jan-13 8:19am
I am using applescript code inside web application(C# ASP.NET),and the mentioned solution did not help me.
Suvabrata Roy 14-Jan-13 8:23am
So where do you stuck ?
mandar_dt 14-Jan-13 8:27am
I want to call an applescript function on button click,thts why looking for a javascript function to call on Client Click.which can ultimately calls the applescript function.
Suvabrata Roy 14-Jan-13 8:35am
mandar_dt 14-Jan-13 8:43am
@Suvabrata Roy : The solution provided calls Javascript inside Applescript,I want the other way round,between thanks for the solutions provided till now.
Suvabrata Roy 14-Jan-13 8:48am

Now try this : Link
Suvabrata Roy 14-Jan-13 8:58am
This One
mandar_dt 14-Jan-13 9:04am
Not a solution.
Suvabrata Roy 14-Jan-13 9:07am
Sorry, I will try more if I found any thing I will get back you...
Good Luck...

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