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Ι recently graduated from a university with a computer science degree and i decided to try to go solo on creating apps on Android, mostly games i guess, at least create a few and see where it goes. I have read a bunch of articles on google about starting up but i was wondering what recommendations people over here would give to a beginner on the subject. I was thinking of something like reading a book or watching some video courses that would contain most of the info i would need in one place, something like a guide that would include all the steps i need. However, it should have been made sure that the info should be up to date. From what i searched Java is the language i will be using, i can code in Java so thats cool, i am more worried about which tools i will be using and generally whatever i need to know from the technical aspects of the whole app creation thing. Also, i would like to know about your opinions about how likely it is to earn a proper salary by creating apps on your own if you have a few good ideas and creating passive income from them without actually needing to overwork yourself to death just to make a few dollars.

What I have tried:

reading articles on google on the matter
Updated 26-Jul-20 17:47pm
David Crow 27-Jul-20 8:52am    
"... but i was wondering what recommendations people over here would give to a beginner on the subject."

Come up with a problem, and then start writing code to solve it. This has always worked for me when wanting to learn something new.

1 solution

Website from where you download Android Studio contains all the information required by a developer to start Android application development from zero. I see a featured article on their website '11 Weeks of Android' to learn all the new things, planned and scheduled[^].

1. Go through documentation and try. General best practices and tools to be used by developer are mentioned here: Android Developers[^]
2. If you like to learn looking at existing projects, believe GitHub[^] repositories would help. Even CodeProject resources are good.

About making money, there are options like In-App purchases. An answer here by one of the CP member details them: Selling items in Android Game[^]

Lastly, learn and share. That would help you overall across. Happy Learning!
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