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Hi! I'm very new to the coding scene, but I'm trying my best to make a mobile app using Xamarin forms. However, I'm struggling pretty hard so far.

Up until now, I've been creating the apps visuals on two .xaml pages , and I've been watching what the visuals look like of the little android scroll out phone example on the right side of the screen (not the actual emulator). It's looking pretty great, so I decided to make my first actual interactive button. After I finally figured that out, I decided it was time to plug in my phone and see how it works. Unfortunately, I not only couldn't see my button, but I couldn't see any of the other images I can see on my little android scroll out thinger (don't know the name, if you know, please let me know that too). All I can see is the background colors I picked.

All the code was done on my .xaml files aside from the button, which I did in the appropriate .xaml.cs files and referenced in their .xaml files.

Up until this point I've been successful in finding my answers somewhere online, but I can't seen to find any for this one. Please help me out! Thank you very much in advance!

Oh! and if it helps, when i run the debug on mt phone, the little android phone scroll out has a message on top that says, "custom components are not being rendered problems were detected". I have 0 errors, warnings, or messages in my code. my visual studio version is 16.6.4

What I have tried:

I tried debugging a couple times.
Gerry Schmitz 28-Jul-20 13:44pm
Start simple: one "OK" / close button in the middle with vertical and horizontal alignment set to center. It's usually one change that "breaks" it.

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