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I want to make my bot command space insensitive. Everytime I do something like "go rps" the unknown command thing still outputs even though go rps is a command. For command like "view" the unknown command thing works. I have my code linked below! I figured out how to make it case insensitive but not space insensitive. This code I found online a few hours ago. The only thing that worked. Can someone please help me get the spacing ones, like "go rps" should be working. Anyways, please help. Thanks.

What I have tried:

client.on('message', (message) => {
    if(!message.content.startsWith(PREFIX)) return;
    let validCommands = ["go rps", "go mountains", "go hills", "go cannons", "go left", "go east", "go west", "view", "holler"];
    // Added the .toLowerCase() function vvv to make everything work both ways 
    const args = message.content.toLowerCase().substring(PREFIX.length).slice().split(/ /);;
    const command = args.shift();
    const isValid = validCommands.includes(command); 
    const unknowncommand = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
    .setDescription('You\'ve entered an unknown command. \nUse **!help** to see all available commands.')   
        if( return;
        return, console.log(`[SCOTT] ${} entered an unknown command in "${}".`);
Updated 28-Jul-20 22:56pm

1 solution

Why not split the command string first and check if the first word is 'go'. If it is then check the second word against a separate list of 'go' commands. So you would have two command lists:
let validCommands = ["go , "view", "holler"];

let goCommands = ["rps", "mountains", "hills", "cannons", "left", "east", "west" ];
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