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How do Handle Non Byte order Mark UTF-8 text file handles japanese language with MSWord conversion

HI i have a Text file which has a japanese character て
how can i handle this japanese character with MSWord Conversion.

What I have tried:

byte[] utf8Preamble = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetPreamble();
     int byteLength = utf8Preamble.Length;
     byte[] theData = new byte[byteLength];
     System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(@"c:\folder\file.txt", System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read);
     fs.Read(theData, 0, byteLength);

     // Process only if UTF-8 preamble does not exists
     bool utf8PreembleExists = EncodingCompare(utf8Preamble, theData);
     if (!utf8PreembleExists)
        // open document
        WordDocument = Documents.OpenNoRepairDialog(FileName: paramSourceDocPath,
                    ConfirmConversions: ConfirmConversion, ReadOnly: ReadOnly,
                    OpenAndRepair: OpenAndRepair, NoEncodingDialog: NoEncodingDialog);

         // check to see if MSWord thought it was UTF8
      if (WordDocument.OpenEncoding == 
                object SaveChanges = false;
                object RouteWB = false;
                WordDocument.Close(ref SaveChanges, ref ParamMissing, ref RouteWB);

               // reopen document with desired encoding
               object Encoding = Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoEncoding.msoEncodingWestern;
               WordDocument = Documents.OpenNoRepairDialog(FileName: paramSourceDocPath,
                      ConfirmConversions: ConfirmConversion, ReadOnly: ReadOnly, Encoding: Encoding, OpenAndRepair: OpenAndRepair, NoEncodingDialog: NoEncodingDialog);
Updated 29-Jul-20 1:11am
Garth J Lancaster 29-Jul-20 4:48am    
ok .. if you have a text file (no BOM), with the character て , how is that represented in the text file - eg using a hex display tool or such ?
Richard MacCutchan 29-Jul-20 5:51am    
What happens when you run the above code?

1 solution

Depending on how the character is represented by byte(s) in the file (which my question was trying to ascertain), you could try

1) Creating a new, empty Word doc
2) reading the text file as a byte-stream
3) add the byte-stream from (2) to/as a new paragraph in the Word Doc
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