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For following code, I got an error as
Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/taxguide/public_html/page_sub2.php on line 745

Do you help me about identifying the problem!

if( !empty(trim($relatedLinks[$i])) ) { /* FARHAN @ 13-01-14 */
$NALinkE    = $objDB->query_table("non_article","NANumberShort = ". trim($relatedLinks[$i]),"Title ASC");

$NALinkF    =   $objDB->fetch_array($NALinkE);

$link = generate_link('', $NALinkF["Attachment"], '');


<a href="<?php echo $link;?>" class="bottom_link11"><?php echo ($i<count($relatedLinks)-1) ? trim($relatedLinks[$i]).',' : trim($relatedLinks[$i]);?></a>

<?php } } } ?>

1 solution


Prior to PHP 5.5, empty() only supports variables; anything else will result in a parse error. In other words, the following will not work: empty(trim($name)). Instead, use trim($name) == false.

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