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i have text file like this

--Start word
--second line
--third line
--fourth line
--fifth line
--End word
--Start word
--second line2
--third line2
--fourth line2
--fifth line2
--sixth line2
--seventh line2
--End word

i want to get result like below

Start word second line third line fourth line fifth line End word
Start word second line2 third line2 fourth line2 fifth line2 sixth line2 seventh line2 End word

What I have tried:

Dim objReader As New System.IO.StreamReader(patefile)
        Dim strTextFile() As String
        Dim Countline As Integer = 0
        Do While objReader.Peek <> -1
            ReDim Preserve strTextFileInfo(Countline )
            strTextFileInfo(Countline ) = objReader.ReadLine
            Countline += 1
        Dim startStr, EndStr As String
        startStr = "Start word"
        EndStr = "End word"

        For i As Integer = 0 To arrCounter - 1
            If strTextFileInfo(i).StartsWith(startStr) Then

            End If
Updated 3-Aug-20 2:50am
Patrice T 3-Aug-20 4:49am
And the problem is ?
Nelek 3-Aug-20 4:59am
and what happens with the "--" at the beginning of each line? Your input, your description and your desired output don't match

1 solution

Read all the text into a single string - File.ReadAllText will do that - and then use the Replace and Split methods:
Dim chunks As String() = allLines.Replace("--", "").Split(New String() {"Start word", "End word"}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

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