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Hi there, gurus.

I'm sure a lot of you were thinking 'Thank goodness THAT guy disappeared', but I'm here to disappoint you.

My question this time about using Moq with C# to create a mock that will return each letter of a supplied string each time it is called. A simplified example of what I want is:
var sourceText = "abcdefg";
var myMock = new Mock<IThingy>():
myMock.Setup((mm) => mm.NextChar()).Returns(() => { =some code= });

var result = myMock.NextChar(); // should return "a";
result = myMock.NextChar(); // should return "b";

I know I could do this with Sequence(), but that involves hardcoding the return values, which I don't want to do.

What I have tried:

I tried using yield return, but yield is not valid in an anonymous method.
I tried setting up a method that uses yield return, and that would be called by =some code=, but that method would need to return an IEnumerable<string> which means =some code= returns a collection, not a single consecutive character each time.
Updated 11-Aug-20 1:28am

1 solution

var sourceText = "abcdefg";
var index = 0;
var myMock = new Mock<IThingy>();
myMock.Setup(m => m.NextChar()).Returns(() => sourceText[index++]);

var result = myMock.Object.NextChar(); // returns "a";
result = myMock.Object.NextChar(); // returns "b";
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