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Hello Colleagues,

I'm just new on this programing, doing just for fun and self learning.
I'm creating a a folder and a excel file every time i run my routine and its has been working just fine.
But i cannot find a way to save this excel file inside my folder.

I would like to create my folder and save my excel file inside it, of course my folder name will be different every time.

any ideas? Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot in advance.

What I have tried:

Directory.CreateDirectory("c:\\temp\\" + foldername.Text);

sheet.SaveAs("c:\\Temp\\" + excelname.Text + DateTime.Now.ToString("_yyyyMMdd"));
Updated 20-Jan-23 7:37am
Richard Deeming 17-Aug-20 11:24am    
You have already posted this:
How do I create a folder to save my excel file inside this folder using C#[^]

If you want to update your question to add missing information, click the green "Improve question" link and update your question. Do not post your update as a new question.

It can be as simple as this:
using System.IO;

namespace WFTemplate_Aug2020
    public static class public_static_class_FileExtensions
        public static FileStream NewFile(this string folderpath, string filename, string extension)
           return File.Create($"{folderpath}{filename}{extension}");
Sample call:
FileStream fs = @"C:\Users\test_user\Desktop\New Stuff\".NewFile("xray", ".txt");

0 this code will write over an existing file with the same name and path

1 this code will not intercept possible errors in file access like 'permission denied, or the file existing and being read-only.

2 there's no checking here for the easy to make mistakes in using // file path separators, and no checking for existing valid directory structure names.

See the other possible exceptions here: [^]

"Real world code" requires you address these concerns !

The other answers here show you how to check for a Directory existing.
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[no name] 15-Aug-20 13:32pm    
Something overkill for a c# beginner and also otherwise. On the other hand a nice/interesting example to explain extentions. So have a 5.
Sandeep Mewara 15-Aug-20 14:40pm    
Take my 5! :thumbsup:
Of course you can do it using Directory.CreateDirectory Method (System.IO) | Microsoft Docs[^]

public class CreateFileOrFolder
    static void Main()
        // Specify a name for your top-level folder.
        string folderName = @"c:\Top-Level Folder";

        // To create a string that specifies the path to a subfolder under your
        // top-level folder, add a name for the subfolder to folderName.
        string pathString = System.IO.Path.Combine(folderName, "SubFolder");

        // You can write out the path name directly instead of using the Combine
        // method. Combine just makes the process easier.
        string pathString2 = @"c:\Top-Level Folder\SubFolder2";

        // You can extend the depth of your path if you want to.
        //pathString = System.IO.Path.Combine(pathString, "SubSubFolder");

        // Create the subfolder. You can verify in File Explorer that you have this
        // structure in the C: drive.
        //    Local Disk (C:)
        //        Top-Level Folder
        //            SubFolder

        // Create a file name for the file you want to create.
        string fileName = System.IO.Path.GetRandomFileName();

        // This example uses a random string for the name, but you also can specify a particular name.
        //string fileName = "MyNewFile.xls";

        // Use Combine again to add the file name to the path.
        pathString = System.IO.Path.Combine(pathString, fileName);

        // Verify the path that you have constructed.
        Console.WriteLine("Path to my file: {0}\n", pathString);

        // Check that the file doesn't already exist. If it doesn't exist, create
        // the file and write integers 0 - 99 to it.
        // DANGER: System.IO.File.Create will overwrite the file if it already exists.
        // This could happen even with random file names, although it is unlikely.
        if (!System.IO.File.Exists(pathString))
            using (System.IO.FileStream fs = System.IO.File.Create(pathString))
                for (byte i = 0; i < 100; i++)
    // Sample output:
    // Path to my file: c:\Top-Level Folder\SubFolder\ttxvauxe.vv0

Reference: How to create a file or folder - C# Programming Guide | Microsoft Docs[^]

Please tryout the example. Almost all of it is there what you shared.
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BillWoodruff 15-Aug-20 8:31am    
Sandeep Mewara 15-Aug-20 14:40pm    

Another colleague suggested a solution that worked well for my application, please see the code below.

string foldername = foldername.Text;
string myDir = @"c:\temp";
string dirPath = Path.Combine(myDir, foldername);

//Specific here where the reporter should be saved

sheet.SaveAs(Path.Combine(dirPath, excelname.Text + DateTime.Now.ToString("_yyyyMMdd")));
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Richard Deeming 17-Aug-20 11:24am    
You forgot to post any code.
ncostasilva 17-Aug-20 22:31pm    
Sorry, now the code is posted. sorry

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