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I am making a chrome extension. Here is the code:
	"name": "My name!",
	"version": "2.0",
	"description": "Blocks ads",
	"permissions": ["webRequest", "webRequestBlocking", "<all_urls>"],
	"browser_action": {
		"default_icon": "shield.ico",
		"default_popup": "popup.html",
		"default_title": "Ad be gone"
	"background": {
		"scripts": ["background.js"]
	"manifest_version": 2

  function(details) { return {cancel: true}; },
  { urls: ["*://**", "*://**",]  },

How would I make a button in popup.html that turns on and off the background.js and alerts the user that it is doing so? I basically want to make a button that turns on and off the ad blocker.

What I have tried:

Help would be really appreciated.
Updated 16-Aug-20 21:12pm

1 solution

Effective background scripts stay dormant until an event they are listening for fires, react with specified instructions, then unload.

Reference: Manage Events with Background Scripts - Google Chrome[^]

You need to make use of: chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function callback)
More details here: chrome.browserAction - Google Chrome[^]
function IconClicked(tab)
	let msg = {
		txt : "Icon Clicked!"
	chrome.tabs.sendMessage(, msg);
landocss 17-Aug-20 15:26pm
Can I have the exact code please?

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