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I am trying to extract specific data from the email body but getting an error saying "object variable or with block not set" at line number 30 Set filteredItemst = Folder.Items.Restrict(strFiltert). This line is use to filter items based on search query. The same error is coming even after removing the filter from that statement Set filteredItemst = Folder.Items

I am not understanding what is wrong with that statement. I have used this same statement in other some of my code and it was working fine. kindly help me.

What I have tried:

Private Sub Inc_Run_Time_Details_Click()

Dim OutlookApp As Outlook.Application
Dim OutlookNamespace As Namespace
Dim Foldert As MAPIFolder
Dim OutlookMail As Variant
Dim filteredItemst As Outlook.Items
Dim strFiltert As String
Dim subj As String
Dim cell As Range
Dim fldrpath As String
Dim currDate As String
Dim incPrgTrck As String
Dim emBody() As String
Dim emailbody As String
Dim warningmail As Variant
Dim extractError As String

Set OutlookApp = New Outlook.Application
Set OutlookNamespace = OutlookApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

fldrpath = "\\lp99dfd\groups$\Record Extracts\New folder\New folder\" & Format(Date, "yyyymm")
currDate = Format(Date, "yyyymm")
incPrgTrck = fldrpath & "\INC\Progress_Tracker_" & Format(Date, "yyyymm") & "_INC.xlsx"

Set Foldert = OutlookNamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Parent.Folders("AI_ZE_RECORD")
strFiltert = "@SQL=" & Chr(34) & "urn:schemas:httpmail:subject" & Chr(34) & " like '%AIA Record Extract%'"
Set filteredItemst = Folder.Items.Restrict(strFiltert)

Set wkb1 = Workbooks.Open(incPrgTrck)
Set sht1 = wkb1.Sheets(currDate)
filteredItemst.Sort "[ReceivedTime]", True

For Each OutlookMail In filteredItemst
    If OutlookMail.ReceivedTime >= CDate("23-Jul-2020") And OutlookMail.ReceivedTime <= CDate("31-Jul-2020") Then
		subj = Split(OutlookMail.Subject)(3)
		For Each cell In sht1.Range("A2:A28")
			If InStr(cell.Value, subj) > 0 And UCase(cell.Offset(0, 3).Value) <> "SUCCESS" Then
				emailbody = OutlookMail.Body
				emBody = Split(emailbody, vbNewLine)
				For Each warningmail In emBody
					If InStr(warningmail, subj) > 0 Then
						extractError = Split(warningmail, "|")(4) & "|" & Split(warningmail, "|")(5)
						cell.Offset(0, 3).Value = extractError
					End If
				Next warningmail
				Exit For
			End If
        Next cell
    End If
Next OutlookMail

Set Folder = Nothing
Set OutlookNamespace = Nothing
Set OutlookApp = Nothing

End Sub
Updated 19-Aug-20 1:17am
Richard MacCutchan 19-Aug-20 6:14am
It means that one of your assignments has not succeeded. Use the debugger to find out which one, and why.

1 solution

Did you mean Folders or Foldert because Folder is not declared in that code.
Set filteredItemst = Folder.Items.Restrict(strFiltert)

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