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Hi, I have a perfectly working code for auto populate textbox via rest api(it populates after 2 characters typed). Can you assist me on modifying the same api code to find out the total length of array(/total companies) and assign to textbox val something like $("#TotalCompany").val(...) I currently have autopopulate companies $("#Company").autocomplete working just fine.

$(document).ready(function () {
  var baseServiceUrl = '';
                     minLength: 2,
                     source: function (request, response) {
                      $.getJSON(baseServiceUrl + '/company/name/' + request.term + '/?callback=?',
                                   contextKey: function () {
                                  // applies to associated parties
                                 var key = $(this).parent().parent().find('.type').val();
                                 if (key !== "--Select--" && key !== "")
                                          key = key === "O" ? "Company" : "Company";
                                          key = "";
                                 return key;
                         format: "json"
                   function (data) {
                                     function (item) {
                                                               return {
                                                                               label: item['Company'].replace(/&/g, '&'),
                                                                               value: item['Company'].replace(/&/g, '&')


The web service API return something similar to the script below:

Please let me know if you need more details Greatly appreciated any help

What I have tried:

<ArrayOfCompany xmlns="" xmlns:i=>
Updated 20-Aug-20 19:28pm

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