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Hi, I'm building a game using Lua, including the built-in functions Roblox provides. However, this question isn't Roblox specific = I think it can apply to anything using Lua language. However, just be aware that the solution can involve Roblox-Built-In functions. So I have a script, however, I need it to wait until one of my values is equal to 1. It's like a flag. While I'm familiar with the wait() function that allows one to pause the script for several seconds, I'm not sure how to do something like "Wait until Flag.Value = 1". I have a local function I wish to run, but only when the Flag's value is equal to 1.

What I have tried:

I've already tried a few approaches, such as using a while true loop. I wrote something like this:

while true do
if Flag.Value = 1 do

However, this returns an error: "Script timeout: Exhausted allowed execution time". I'm not sure if this error is related, but when I got rid of my loop and just called the function, there was no error. Is there a way to do a statement like "wait until"? Thanks
Updated 21-Aug-20 23:07pm

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The problem is that the execution takes too long, and Roblox assumes that you app has crashed and died - so it kills it for you. Your while loop sits there checking the flag over and over and doing nothing else, so the assumptuion is it's never going to exit.

Have a look here: How to handle "Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time" - Scripting Support - Roblox Developer Forum[^] - it may explain it better, and it shows what you probably need to do.

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