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I've built a staff survey tool for my own organization to learn about what is happening with its culture and how to tweak and improve it. I put a lot of time into making it robust and ensuring it translates well into actionable results. I want to find a way to make it available publicly for other similar organizations, but also for any org to use to learn something about their culture.

I've built it using a simple web-based survey tool and now moved to MS forms. I do the analysis manually using excel and present it using some basic charts.

I don't mind learning new skills and putting in the time, but I need to know which tools would be best for building this. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of different products and types of coding that are out there, and of course, I want to build something that is robust and the different parts fit together well. I think it would need to do the following:

Create a survey web interface
Ability for staff to do the survey
Some way of automating a data analysis report then sharing it as a pdf or similar to the administrator.
Compliant with data protection
A website with some ideas for actioning the findings.
Any suggestions or ideas will be gratefully received - please remember I'm from a totally different field so may need to ask you follow-up questions! Also, just to reiterate, I don't mind spending some time learning new skills, more that I need some guidance on the best place to focus my energy.

Thank you!!


What I have tried:

I've not tried anything because I don't understand the different parts needed and how they would interact.
Updated 26-Aug-20 23:24pm

You do not say how you are storing the survey results that are produced from the tool. Assuming you are creating some sort of database then there are plenty of free or commercial tools that can create reports from a database. It is not easy to be specific here as it is not clear what your background or skills are, and, to be honest, the question is somewhat broad for a Quick Answers technical forum.
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BadoingyfaceD 27-Aug-20 5:34am     CRLF
Yes sorry I realize it's very broad, but I wasn't sure exactly where to ask it. Maybe I should have asked where to ask newbie questions! So I guess if I can build the website and the database I can use a free tool to create the reports from the database? Is there a beginner's guide to database design that you would recommend as a starter? Thanks!
Richard MacCutchan 27-Aug-20 5:51am     CRLF
There really is not anywhere here to ask newbie questions that can be given a reasonably detailed answer. This site is aimed mainly at programmers who have problems with code they are writing. There are many articles on different subjects in the articles section here, but again most are aimed at people with some level of experience in programming, even if not in the relevant language. What you are asking for is more "where do I look to learn x?", and the answer is that you need to go and search for them. There are lots of sites with beginner tutorials on different subjects but you need to make the decision as to whether they are suitable for you.
Start with the backend - design a database to hold the data you need, and treble check that against every possible requirement. Getting the DB right is a major part of the project - get it wrong and it can have a big impact on what you can do later, and how easy it is to do. Spend time on this, it's really important.

Then you need to work out what web facilities you have to implement the survey: languages, DB engines (as opposed to DB data design) - the ones you use will depend on what you have available. If your company only has Access, then a design based on SQL Server would require additional resources, and they may not be available to you. (And if your company only uses Access then your project is probably going to be a complete CF ...)

Then you need to make sure that the languages you can use are well known to you: at a minimum you will need Javascript and a backend language: C#, VB, or PHP for example).

Then reporting: that's a another can of worms, but once you have the DB populated there are loads of options, from you writing a reporting app, to using packages which are available and in use in your company.

Sorry but we can't be specific here: we have no idea what is available to you or you are skilled in!
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