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Please can someone help me solve this problem. I have a function which allows me to create a DIV then, to upload images and add them in an iframe, these images are placed one after the other. I would like to be able to move and resize every image I uploaded to the iframe.

I'm having a lot of trouble doing this and I've tried a few methods but it doesn't work, so please can someone help me fix this problem. 
Thank you in advance for your comments.

What I have tried:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Editable content example</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8" />

 <!-- Fonction d'ajout d'image -->
    function previewFiles() {
   oFrame = document.getElementById("myiframe");
   oDoc = oFrame.contentWindow.document;
      // Create a new div.
    var divimage = oDoc.createElement("div");
    divimage.setAttribute("id", "preview");
    divimage.setAttribute("style", "resize: horizontal");
 var preview = oDoc.querySelector('#preview');
 var files   = document.querySelector('input[type=file]').files;

 function readAndPreview(file) {
   // Veillez à ce que `` corresponde à nos critères d’extension
   if ( /\.(jpe?g|png|gif)$/i.test( ) {
     var reader = new FileReader();
     reader.addEventListener("load", function () {
       var image = new Image();
       image.height = 80;
       image.title =;
       image.src = this.result;
       preview.appendChild( image );
     }, false);
 if (files) {
   [], readAndPreview);
    <input id="browse" type="file" onchange="previewFiles()" multiple />
    <iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="http://localhost:7007/mapage/" width="500" height="500" id="myiframe" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

Sandeep Mewara 28-Aug-20 1:35am
Not sure of your question exactly wht you are trying.

If you want to drag and resize image in iframe:
iframeFix: true
Member 11837260 28-Aug-20 1:45am
ok thank you, i will test and keep you posted.
Member 11837260 28-Aug-20 1:53am
I have an error: $(...).contents(...).find(...).draggable is not a function

So, if I understood correctly I have to do a dragglable function?

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