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Everyone seems to be talking about deep learning and machine learning , but in logical sense what is the exact difference in both of them ? Is the syllabus same for both ?

What I have tried:

Tried google btu didnt found the exact answer
Updated 31-Aug-20 9:19am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 31-Aug-20 22:25pm     CRLF
Have you tried to see if they are the same? Solution 1 gives a good answer on this.
[no name] 31-Aug-20 23:44pm    
I tried searching and for most part they seem connected , and that is what confuses me
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 31-Aug-20 23:51pm    
Yes, they are connected in that deep learning is a subfield of machine learning; the part which deals with the artificial neural networks. Then again, it depends heavily on who is teaching, what course you are taking (beginner/advanced), etc.

1 solution

There are multiple discussions on web describing details about them. But to put it plainly for you:
Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning. It's the machine learning part that deals with neural networks.

So now, syllabus wise:
Deep learning syllabus would be part of machine learning syllabus. Quantity wise, Machine learning would be much more on an average covering other algorithms too.

If you plan to study or take a course of deep learning, it might go a little more in depth compared to what would be covered if you just do Machine learning cource/book (which would not go too deep into Neural Networks)

For more details on them, seems you have already Googled it off!
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[no name] 2-Sep-20 9:24am    
Thanks man

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