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I have a form with a textbox with id "link" and I want to set the parent's textbox value with the resp label's text inside iupload iframe.

The label resp gets success text when file uploaded to google drive.

<input type="url" id="link" name="link" placeholder="" required class="form-control">

<iframe id="iupload" src="" style="border:none;" title="Upload Course Work"></iframe>

Please help.

What I have tried:

	var resp = $('iframe[name=iupload]').contents().find('#resp');
		var resptxt = $(this).text();
Updated 2-Sep-20 7:28am
F-ES Sitecore 2-Sep-20 14:31pm
It's ".ready" not ".read". Regardless I don't think you'll be able to do this as security stops you amending frames from other "origins" or domains. As the iframe contains a document served from your code (that isn't served from won't be able to amend it.
nyt1972 3-Sep-20 2:54am
Ok, thanks my mistake, I changed it to ready, but still not working

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