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i upload file using jquery ajax calling. here is my code:

$scope.UploadFiles = function (files, data) {
      $scope.SelectedFiles = files;

     var uploaddate= $("#uploaddate").val();

      if ($scope.SelectedFiles && $scope.SelectedFiles.length) {
              url: '/FileUpload/Uploaddocumentmethod?data=' + JSON.stringify(data)  + '&uploadDate=' + uploaddate,
              data: {
                  files: $scope.SelectedFiles
          }).then(function (response) {
          }, function (error) {

and controller method code is :

public void Uploaddocuments(string Data, string uploaddate)
   my code...

i pass date with timezone (
23.09.2020 14:00 +0530 
) in jquery. but in controller i got date format like (
23.09.2020 14:00 0530 
) . it remove "+" sign from date.Can any one suggest me where i am wrong.

What I have tried:

i search on google but not getting any solution related to this issue.
Updated 3-Sep-20 0:06am

1 solution

You need to properly encode the data you're sending as part of the URL. Use encodeURIComponent, or jQuery's param method:
// Either:
url: '/FileUpload/Uploaddocumentmethod?data=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(data)) + '&uploadDate=' + encodeURIComponent(uploaddate)

// Or:
url: '/FileUpload/Uploaddocumentmethod?' + $.param({data: JSON.stringify(data), uploadDate: uploaddate})
encodeURIComponent() - JavaScript | MDN[^]
jQuery.param() | jQuery API Documentation[^]

But you're going to need to use a FormData object if you want to upload files via AJAX:
Using FormData Objects - Web APIs | MDN[^]
TCS54321 3-Sep-20 5:55am
Thank you so much. it's working fine for me. You save my day.

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