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I have a simple GridView with several names:

- Alex
- Thomas
- Kate
- George

I want to update a TextBox after a selection in the GridView.

If have this code:

Name = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells(0).Text

NameSelection.Text = Name

The NameSelection.Text (TextBox) shows Alex when I click on Alex. But after I click at Thomas, the name Alex disappears. Is it possible to update the TextBox and keep the old values after each click?

For example the TextBox need to show: AlexThomas after the user click on Alex and after that on Thomas.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

Search on Microsoft website and Google
Updated 4-Sep-20 1:51am
CHill60 4-Sep-20 6:27am
Do you mean the textbox should have "Alex" first then "AlexThomas" afterwards?
Coder4EU 4-Sep-20 6:46am
Hello, yes that is exactly what I mean. Maybe I need store the names in a list?
CHill60 4-Sep-20 6:53am
Have a look at the solution I have literally just posted. If it's not quite what you need then let me know and we can have another look. Your idea of listbox instead of a textbox might actually be a better solution

1 solution

If you just want to add the name onto the end of the textbox then it is as simple as
NameSelection.Text &= Name
Note the "&" in front of the "=". See &= Operator - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]
That will give the results
To make it a little nicer try setting the Multiline Property[^] of your text box, and the scrollbars properties (same link) and use
NameSelection.Text &= Environment.NewLine & Name
which will give results
Note the extra line which you will need to trim [^] out

Note that strings are immutable, which means you cannot change them. You actually get a new string created each time. That can be quite wasteful if you are doing this a lot. In that instance have a look at the StringBuilder Class (System.Text) | Microsoft Docs[^] to build the new string(s) - probably not needed in this case, just letting you know.
Coder4EU 4-Sep-20 7:26am
Thank you. The &= is the solution.
CHill60 4-Sep-20 7:28am
My pleasure.

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