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I am trying to copy data from excel file and paste it in my clipboard so i can then copy that in SAP...presently what i have is copy each row and paste and that is very time consuming..I want to copy all rows and paste at one go

What I have tried:

string excelpath = @"File_path.xlxs"
                        List<Dictionary<string, object>> excel = Sytem.SPA.Excel.Excel.LoadRows(excelpath, "Tab_name", null);
                        List<string> sapTable = excel.Skip(1).Select(r => r["A"].ConvertTo<string>()).Distinct().ToList();
                        sapInstance.SetMultipleSelection(sapInstance.FindPathID("btn%_CN_PROJN_%_APP_%-VALU_PUSH"), new Selection("Project", sapTable));
Updated 8-Sep-20 21:17pm
BillWoodruff 8-Sep-20 2:35am
Is there a way you can perform a select all via your interop code ? Perhaps query Excel to determine rows actually in use, and only copy those ?
Rao17 8-Sep-20 3:12am
not sure..could you help please
Rao17 8-Sep-20 3:13am
also the rows will change every month so I cannot give a fixed range
BillWoodruff 9-Sep-20 1:58am
that's why I suggested you use 'SelectAll ... or use the WorkSheet 'UsedRange:
Rao17 8-Sep-20 23:36pm
That posts Does not seem to help me :(

1 solution

I'd strongly suggest to start here: Excel with SAP - An overview - ABAP Development - Community Wiki[^] and this: Reading/Importing Excel into SAP[^]

There's few ways to import data from Excel file:
2. Microsoft OLE
3. Function Module TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP
5. JavaExcel API (via PI)
6. 3rd Party Converter

I'm pretty sure that you can import data into SAP without using clipboard!

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