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Hi All,
I have created an angular application and deployed it on docker. My docker file contains below code
FROM nginx:alpine
COPY ./dist/ui/. /usr/share/nginx/html

Now I ran below code to check my docker images:
docker images

I can see my docker image "ui" with Tag "latest". But when I am trying to run this docker image using command:
docker run -p 8090:8090 ui

I am seeing below lines on docker
/ /docker-entrypoint.d/ is not empty, will attempt to perform configuration
/ Looking for shell scripts in /docker-entrypoint.d/
/ Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/ Getting the checksum of /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf Enabled listen on IPv6 in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
/ Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/
/ Configuration complete; ready for start up

And in browser when I am trying to run it with localhost:8090, or using ip, it's not running, getting "
This site can’t be reached
Please help.


What I have tried:

Tried to run without giving port as well but not working.

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