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my project was created using c# & entity framwork 6
i have this table (entries) that have status filed
the status filed will fill with one of this values :

i want to retrieve all the record sorted with this conditions:-
Accepted rows first then Pending rows, then Delayed, and the completed and reject the last.

What I have tried:

var Query = DB1.entries.Where(u=> >= From && <= To && statusList.Contains( u.Status)).Select(s => new entires
                ID =,
                Name = s.Name,
                date =,
                Order = s.order,
                Topic = s.Topic,
                ExternalVisitor = s.ExternalVisitor == 1 ? true : false,
                Reason = s.Reason,
                waiting = s.waiting,
                Status = s.Status,
            }).OrderBy(o => o.Status == "pending").ThenByDescending(o =>;
Updated 13-Sep-20 12:39pm

1 solution

...OrderBy( o => 

switch( o.Status ) {
   case "Accepted": return 1;
   case "Pending": return 2;
   default: return 6;
} )
.ThenBy ... etc.
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Golden Basim 14-Sep-20 1:26am     CRLF
i tried that but it seem that it don't accept to write switch inside orderby(). error line appear below the code. Error CS1026 ) expected Error CS1525 Invalid expression term 'switch' Error CS0127 Since 'Entries.fillGrid()' returns void, a return keyword must not be followed by an object expression

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