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Hi all,

I have this old program that was really usefull for my company. When using it it's crashing everytime.

I opened the code and I get the error code C6284 on this line

strTemp.Format("cConfig.strSource= %-20s\n", cConfig.strSource);

but I really don't know how to fix this so it would work again.

I have 49 error like this.
I'm trying to find the solution on the net but it's not working for me I also tried to debug but it wont compile.

here's another line that has the same code issue.

strTemp.Format("\nFile SENDER= %-20s RECEIVER= %-20s", fileSender, fileReceiver);

thanks for your help really appreciated.


What I have tried:

I tried something found on the net in the doc microsoft on this link
C6284 | Microsoft Docs[^]
but I can't make it to work
this strTemp.Format("cConfig.strSource= %-20s\n", cConfig.strSource);
this :strTemp.Format("cConfig.strSource= %-20s\n",static_cast<wchar_t*>,cConfig.strSource);
Updated 5 days ago
CPallini 5 days ago
Probably you are compiling the project using a different character set (e.g. UNICODE instead of ANSI). Check such setting in Visual Studio IDE.
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Solution 1

You're casting "cConfig.strSource"; you show a "coma" before it and that is invalid. Look at the MS example again.
Marc_Moi 5 days ago
sorry I don't understand what you mean.. I've been looking at this for the pass 3 hrs trying thing that won't work. and I'm only at error 1 I have 49 to do . :(
Marc_Moi 5 days ago
Ok I saw what you mean .. Now I have another error mentionning that no suitable conversion Function from CString to wchar_t.. dam ...
Gerry Schmitz 5 days ago
Are you using Visual Studio? Is there a solution or project file? If you open one of those files in VS, sometimes VS will do an "upgrade" for you. Sometimes ...
Marc_Moi 5 days ago
yes visual studio 2019 updated to the last version
Marc_Moi 5 days ago
I did that it created a backup folder but still can't do nothing with the file left.
Marc_Moi 5 days ago
to see the file I have to use the blend version of visual studio.
Stefan_Lang 5 days ago
While a coma is a sure source of errors, I suspect you actually meant "comma" ;-p
Gerry Schmitz 5 days ago
Argh. I don't say "come Ma" either. :o)
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Solution 2

static_cast (or C-style cast) is almost always(*) the wrong approach! The error explicitely states that the type being used is not compatible to the type being expected, and that is a sure indication that you need an actual conversion function, not a type cast!

In case of CStrings, what you need is checking the available functions and using them properly. As indicated here[^], if strSource is of type CString, you should use the GetString() method on it, not cast it to a type that it is not compatible with.

(*): The exception is using a type cast to PCXSTR, because that cast is overridden in the CString class to implicitly perform the required conversion.

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