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This is basically as close I got to getting what I needed as a formula:

="D" & ROW() * 455

Basically what I need is a user will select a row in the A Column. Paste a formula that is premade. It will look at column D and reference the row they are editing within column A. So if they are in Cell A2 it will reference D2. It will then multiple that D2 value times 455.

Currently if I remove " * 455 " it will display D2" in the column. However if I add the multiplication back it will do D910. How to reference the value within the "D" & ROW(). The output currently makes sense but not what Im looking to accomplish

What I have tried:

I have messed around with the formula but cant get it right. Ive put parenthesis around the "D" & ROW() but errors out. SO it would of looked like this
=("D" & ROW()) * 455 
Updated 22-Sep-20 21:13pm

1 solution

You need to use the following formula:

=INDIRECT("D" & ROW()) * 455

See: Excel formula: Get cell content at given row and column | Exceljet[^]
Cody O'Meara 23-Sep-20 15:57pm
Eventually figured it out and that was it! Thanks!
Maciej Los 23-Sep-20 16:41pm
You're very welcome.

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