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How to allow anonymous to upload/download files from my website using Webapi and Mvc in case server has authentication?
its working for same domain users as we have provided network credentils.

Which is a best way to manage network credentials for anonymous/guest.
For ex. Functionality like any organization's website where we upload cv or download brochure etc.
In my case we are allowing anonymous/guest to upload and download files but the anonymous/guest will be known person outside the active directory(not in the same domain).


What I have tried:

Done for same domain users, we have provided network credentils as server and user are in same domain.
Updated 28-Sep-20 19:34pm
Sandeep Mewara 23-Sep-20 3:50am
If it's organization, you have specific internal network, you have domain, why no authentication? Use active directory based windows authentication.

Would suggest to not go for hoops to allow something like above and have security threats opened.
Richard Deeming 23-Sep-20 4:16am
Allowing anonymous users to upload and download files from a public site is the quickest way to get your server filled with the worst kinds of pornography and malware. Your site will become a distribution point for illegal material.
Manisha Tambade 23-Sep-20 4:47am
Thanks Sandeep and Richard, i agree to both of you, but my doubt is not resolved. Lets say xyz organization and being anonymous i able to upload cv in career section or can download brochures,in such case i am not a part of active directory then how network access is managed programatically in webapi-mvc project..?

1 solution

If your database server requires authentication you normally use SQL Authentication so you have a fixed username and password in the connection string that all clients of your site use, even anonymous ones.

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