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I have developed a web-application in .net framework.Now I want to convert whole application into an .exe file.Beacuse on each system i have to configure IIS for running this web application. So,I want an .exe file so that we can only run one file and whole application is running. Kindly suggest me if any way of converting web application into an exe file???

I have used visual studio 2017 and mysql database to develop this application.

What I have tried:

I have tried on various websites but i couldn't get any solution,they said only windows application is converted into exe file.
Updated 24-Sep-20 19:56pm

You aren't going to find anything like that: You have written a web app and that requires a web server - such as IIS - in order to host the app and make it available to users via their browser.

You can't "convert that to an EXE" as EXE files don't contain browsers and web servers, which you app would need.

Instead, if you want a stand alone app, use the existing one as a template to produce a WinForms or even WPF app which does the same job without the server or browser.

Since you wrote the original, it should be fairly easy to rewrite it for a totally different environment!
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You need to do Web deployment. Think of it from:
- if you need to deploy again for any change, will you start 1-by-1?
- will it have multiple instances of DB too?
- how would yu distribute loads across these instances?

What you are looking for is hosting in a webfarm.
A web farm is a group of two or more web servers (or nodes) that host multiple instances of an app. When requests from users arrive to a web farm, a load balancer distributes the requests to the web farm's nodes

Have a look at this help doc:
Host ASP.NET Core in a web farm | Microsoft Docs[^]
Web Deploy 3.6 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site[^]
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OriginalGriff 25-Sep-20 2:14am    
I suspect this is a case of "I developed" meaning "I found on the internet", and "I want to convert ..." meaning "I need to hand in a Windows app but I don't want to write it". :sigh:

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