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I am creating a sample VB6 application with CEF to embed a browser into the application. I used WebKitX control to achieve the same. Here is my sample code

Private Sub WebKitXCEF31_OnBrowserReady()

 WebKitXCEF31.ExecCommandSetFocus = True
 WebKitXCEF31.FormatUsingInternalSelectionAPI = True
 WebKitXCEF31.DownloadScripts = True
 WebKitXCEF31.Open ""

End Sub

Private Sub WebKitXCEF31_OnCreate(ByVal Settings As WebKitXCEF3Lib.ISettings, CommandLineSwitches As 

 Settings.cache_path = App.Path + "\MyCache"
 Settings.application_cache = App.Path + "\MyAppCache"
 Settings.persist_session_cookies = 1
 Settings.persist_user_preferences = 1
 AddLog "CommandLineSwitches=" + CommandLineSwitches

End Sub

Private Sub WebKitXCEF31_OnLoadEnd()


End Sub

method is empty. When I run the application, an error is thrown at the OnCreate stub with the message 'Compile Error: Sub or Function not defined.'. Is there any place specific where we need to define the stub/method before implementing it? I am new to VB6 and this is the first code that i have written. This code is available on WebKitX. Link :

What I have tried:

Tried to find how to initialize the control.
Updated 25-Sep-20 2:51am
Richard Deeming 25-Sep-20 4:48am
Why are you trying to learn a language that's been dead for two decades? Start with VB.NET instead.
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 4:52am
It's because the product is an already existing one written in VB6. I am doing R&D now to see to embed a browser into the VB6 app. Can't seem to find out why the error is coming. I want to know if there is any place where I need to initialize the control? When I used the internal WebBrowser available it was working fine.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Sep-20 5:10am
What is the exact text of the error message, and which line does it occur on?
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 5:25am
Error text: "Compile Error: Sub or Function not defined."
When I press okay on the dialog box, the debugger points to " Private Sub WebKitXCEF31_OnCreate(ByVal Settings As WebKitXCEF3Lib.ISettings, CommandLineSwitches As String)" method.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Sep-20 5:51am
The error message is not actually helping. So unless you can find out which Sub or Function it is looking for ...
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 6:06am
Private Sub WebKitXCEF31_OnCreate - this is the function that throws the error.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Sep-20 5:54am
Are you sure the OnCreate member is spelled correctly? Where is it getting called from?
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 6:02am
Yes, the spelling is correct for the event. That is where I have my doubt, where do I need to call it from? The code was mentioned on their official site , section 4.4 Getting started with visual studio.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Sep-20 6:04am
Sorry, no idea. I had not even heard of this library until today. However, the documentation implies that the OnCreate is called by the framework itself, hence the error.
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 6:04am
They have defined the Form_Load() but that is only if you have a license version. I am trying with the trial version.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Sep-20 6:05am
Try their help forum, that's where the expertise is likely to be.
Member 10822665 25-Sep-20 6:05am

The download option is available here.

1 solution

The AddLog was responsible for throwing error. I had not defined the method.

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