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Hello evreyone,

Can anybody please let me know which connection string to be used for MS SQl server database connection for a Windows Desktop Application with MFC?

I am doing this project in Visual Studio 2019, where i have connected to the database for the project. With Tools-> Connect to DataBase-> Provider (MS SQL Server), W10SQLEXPRESS(local server). Also I can see my tables created in the SQL Server explorer in Visual Studio.

What I have tried:

I have tried to open a connection with the SQL server, but results in failure. If anyone body have done a similar Project, Could you please let me know the connection string for opening a connection with SQL server?

My data source is Microsoft SQL Servver

_bstr_t StrConnection = "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=W10SQLEXPRESS;"
"Initial Catalog=Employee;"
"Integrated Security=SSPI;"
Also I am using Windows Nt Authentication and also wanted to connect the server locally

If anybody has an idea , please reply. It would be a great help for me to move further with the Project.
Thanks in advance.
Updated 30-Sep-20 22:48pm
Maciej Los 1-Oct-20 3:37am    
Can you connect to your MS server instance via MS SQL Server Management Studio?

We can't tell you exactly what string to use - we have no access to your system, the network it's relying on, or the server instance you wish to connect to; you need all those to even begin assembling a connection string.

Have a look here: Simple SQL Connection String Creation[^] - it may help.
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Start by reading MSDN documentation: Database Support, MFC Application Wizard | Microsoft Docs[^]

You've got 2 options to connect to your sql server instance, via: OleDb or ODBC.

A proper connection string for Microsoft ODBC driver:
Driver={SQL Server};Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;Trusted_Connection=Yes;

See: Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Connection Strings -[^]

Good luck!
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