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I have a problem with the change tracker in EntityFrame work.
How can I get the Database name from the change tracker?
I implemented my code but It returns just the model name, not the Physical DB name.
Thank you.

What I have tried:

Get physical Db name by change tracker in entityframework
Updated 1-Oct-20 4:42am
Sandeep Mewara 1-Oct-20 6:08am    
Not to sure what you are looking for, is it:
foreach (var entityType in dbContext.Model.GetEntityTypes())
    var tableName = entityType.GetTableName();
    foreach (var propertyType in entityType.GetProperties())
        var columnName = propertyType.GetColumnName();
Moses_k 1-Oct-20 6:41am    
I'm using MVC5 and my dbcontext does not have Model.
I just want to show Physical Table Name of current model.
Sandeep Mewara 1-Oct-20 11:06am    
What do you mean you don't have DBContext? Read this:
Moses_k 3-Oct-20 1:31am    
No, I have Dbcontext for Identity MVC5.

RoleBaseDbContext db = new RoleBaseDbContext();
var s=ContextExtensions.GetTableName<string>(db);

foreach (var ent in this.ChangeTracker.Entries().Where(p => p.State == EntityState.Added || p.State == EntityState.Deleted || p.State == EntityState.Modified))

// For each changed record, get the audit record entries and add them
foreach (All_Log x in GetAuditRecordsForChange(ent, userId))
Moses_k 3-Oct-20 1:32am    
but I think it dose not exist dbContext.Model.GetEntityTypes().
for mvc5 it exist in asp .net core.

1 solution

"Change tracking" is not relevant to your question.

The dbContext has a .DataBase "class" property.

The Database class points to a .DbConnection class / object.

The .DbConnection class has a .Database "string" that is the "physical db name".
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Sandeep Mewara 1-Oct-20 11:05am    
OP is looking for the table name corresponding to entities. He wrote database instead of table in original post but later in comment said: "I just want to show Physical Table Name of current model."

I am confused on what he means he doesn't have a model for DBContext given he is working on ASP.NET MVC.

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