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I am unable to make this webpage to display anything. When I try to open it there are no pictures that display. This code is straight from the book other, than the pictures I used.

<title>HTML and JavaScript

var imgArray = new Array(6);
var index = 0;

function cycle()
	  document.banner.src - imgArray[index].src;
	  if (index > 6)
	    index = 0;
	  setTimeout("cycle()", 2000);
function startup()
	  imgArray[0] = new Image;
	  imgArray[0].src = "Linx.png";
	  imgArray[1] = new Image;
	  imgArray[1].src = "Fish.png";
	  imgArray[2] = new Image;
	  imgArray[2].src = "Crocodile.png";
	  imgArray[3] = new Image;
	  imgArray[3].src = "Gorilla.png";
	  imgArray[4] = new Image;
	  imgArray[4].src = "Giraffe.png";
	  imgArray[5] = new Image;
	  imgArray[5].src = "Elephant.png";
	  imgArray[6] = new Image;
	  imgArray[6].src = "Tiger.png";

 <div align="center">

What I have tried:

I also saved the pictures as jpeg and that made no difference. I do not have the option to save the pictures as gif.
Updated 1-Oct-20 9:30am

At a guess, it can't find the pictures.
Check where you put them - they need to be in the same folder as the page .HTML file.
Member 14953455 1-Oct-20 11:38am
That's what I thought I did wrong at first, but I went back and resaved the pictures with the pictures from my old projects. Everything is in my web design folder and it gave me the same results.
Well, could it be this typo:
document.banner.src - imgArray[index].src;
Change this to equal to sign from a minus. As long as the images are in the same location as html file, it should pick up the value. Format should not matter.

document.banner.src = imgArray[index].src;
Member 14953455 1-Oct-20 14:16pm
That's what it was. I didn't notice that typo when I went back through my code. Thank you I appreciate the help!
Sandeep Mewara 1-Oct-20 14:47pm

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