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I have a question about a method type like this:


my define T is a generic class name

I would like to pass my method name to this generic type.
When I get this element class name to mass my method it is in string type.
How can I pass this name as an acceptable generic type to satisfy my
customeName<T> type.

What I have tried:

convert some type as a 
<pre> object Te = Activator.CreateInstance(t);
Updated 2-Oct-20 22:47pm

1 solution

I'm pretty sure you can't: the system has to know the type of the generic (the "T" in the class definition) when you actually use it.

So you can't pass the name of a type to a generic class constructor and expect it to sort out for you exactly what type your class instance should be - you have to be explicit when you construct the instance. Remember that C# is strongly typed, so your idea would break that by weakly typing the declared instance variable.

I can't help thinking you have overthought this, and are trying to be too clever: I'd consider looking at what you are trying to do and why you think this is a good solution. You might also want to look at the dynamic keyword instead.
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