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When i click on the corresponding cell in the list, i can create drop-down list box in the corresponding location, which is the same size as the cell, and paste it on the cell

What I have tried:

		0,              // Rank/order of item 
		L"CH NO",          // Caption for this header 
		LVCFMT_LEFT,    // Relative position of items under header 
	m_rs232list.InsertColumn(1, L"Channel Name", LVCFMT_CENTER, 100);
	m_rs232list.InsertColumn(2, L"Expected Data", LVCFMT_LEFT, 200);
	m_rs232list.InsertColumn(3, L"Mc/Tx Data", LVCFMT_LEFT, 80);
	m_rs232list.InsertColumn(4, L"Mc/Rx Data", LVCFMT_LEFT, 100);

	int nItem;
	nItem = m_rs232list.InsertItem(0, L"1");
	m_rs232list.SetItemText(nItem, 1, L"Channel 01");
	m_rs232list.SetItemText(nItem, 2, L"Selection Data will be dropdown 
	m_rs232list.SetItemText(nItem, 3, L"RED");
	m_rs232list.SetItemText(nItem, 4, L"GREEN")

// Above the code i add list n item i want nItem 2 dropdwon option
Can anyone help me out on this or suggest
Updated 4-Oct-20 22:16pm
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-20 4:12am    
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1 solution

You need to create some own controls like described in some articles at CP. For instance take a look at the article CGridListCtrlEx - Grid Control Based on CListCtrl which handles that topic.
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