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I'm using wpf c# in visual studio i want to prevent user can enter Arabic character , Just Persian Character

like when user entered this value on keyboard → "ي" change it to "ی"

my means something like this : when user press button to type "A" on keyboard i want to change this character, first check if is "A" change to "B"

i did it in Windows Form Application , but that code does not work in WPF

My Code in Windows From :

if (e.KeyChar.ToString() == "ي")
                e.KeyChar = Convert.ToChar("ی");

My Code in WPF :

if (e.Key.ToString() == "ي")

These codes not working in WPF

Please Help

What I have tried:

if (e.KeyChar.ToString() == "ي")
                e.KeyChar = Convert.ToChar("ی");

i test this in wpf but did't work
Updated 6-Oct-20 5:37am

1 solution

"Swallow" the Key you don't want (e.Handled = true), then "send" the Key you want in its place.

WPF – Send keys | michlG's Blog[^]
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Member 13707743 6-Oct-20 14:55pm    
thanks but its not working for change character entered Arabic to Persian

ی → ي

! ؟
Member 13707743 6-Oct-20 15:01pm    
I don't want to send key
i want change character entered

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