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I can filter Cloudwatch Log records using the AWS console so I know what I want to do. I have made C# lambdas and used S3 a lot with C#. I can't even get started with Cloudwatch and C# though. I've only found one article and can't get past go with it. I've installed the AWS.Cloudwatch NuGet package. Any suggestions, links or at this point, rumors even to be able for how to read records from Cloudwatch Logs would be appreciated.

... I'm making progress with the Stack Overflow code... It needs
using Amazon.CloudWatchLogs;
using Amazon.CloudWatchLogs.Model;
using Amazon.Extensions.NETCore.Setup;
using Amazon.Runtime.CredentialManagement;

The problem is:
AWSOptions options = new Amazon.Runtime.CredentialManagement.CredentialProfile

I think it needs to read from the appsetting.config file but I made this with WPF so I don't have one.I think I can define the location of one though.

I'm still open to suggestions though...

What I have tried:

This is all I have found so far. It looks good but I can't even figure out the dependencies...
amazon web services - AWS with .NET - reading logs from CloudWatch - no log data returned - Stack Overflow[^]
Updated 12-Oct-20 9:35am

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Michael Breeden 12-Oct-20 15:34pm    
Uhhh... that seems to provide CloudWatch Metrics. As close as I can tell, it doesn't give access to CloudWatch Logs.... Ahhh. I see that that wasn't completely clear in my question even though I mentioned the NuGet package for it. This is quite interesting though. Any suggestions for getting to the logs?

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