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I am trying to read in an ascii delimited text file that has been parsed, and the SPACE characters have been replaced with the ',' (comma) character. I next need to convert this information to two columns and save it back to another file that I can bring into Microsoft Word.

Below is a sample of the information from the delimited file. Any help you can give me is appreciated. P.S. I am using Python 3.8. I'm new to python programming, or can't you tell! -Thanks!

(Sample of flat file, one long line...):

What I have tried:

import os

# Works so far!
CurrentDIR = os.getcwd()

# Works so far!
MyFile = open('C:/List.csv', 'rt')
MyString =

def remove(MyString): 
    return ",".join(MyString.split())

OutputFile = open(r'c://users//larry//Output.txt','w')

Updated 13-Oct-20 23:17pm
Sandeep Mewara 14-Oct-20 4:20am
What are there in two columns? I am not sure of the output you are trying.

Have a look at this if this is what you are looking for:
Larry0419 14-Oct-20 13:03pm

Thank you for responding! I took a look at the github link, however, I think this solution is a little too high powered for what I am trying to do. All I need to do is open the file and at each and every-other ',' (comma) start a new line, and continue until there are no more lines in the file to process. I did find that I can bring the original file (acquired by using: pip list > list.txt). I did find I can bring the original txt file into Excel, formatting (Two Column) intact, but I really wanted to do it with Python (3.8.5). Maybe when I am more savvy... again, Thank You!
Sandeep Mewara 14-Oct-20 14:13pm
Ok. But, I am still not clear on what exactly your end result looks like. That could help people to respond.

1 solution

Use the string.replace() method to change the first comma to a space, or other control character to use as the column separator. I am not sure if you can import csv files direct into MS Word but it is worth checking first.

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