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Hi I have a program assignment on my first day of classes and i'm new with all this programming stuff. Like literally 0% knowledge.

I need to create a program wherein I can search for the date of emails using html/css/javascript.

For example I enter, "2020/1/1 - 2020/1/2" on the search area. It'll output the emails I have deleted on that day. (in a table)

Please help me. I can pay for the code. and from that I can study the resource you'll give me on by one.

What I have tried:

I tried learning through w3 schools but I need sql/php for the dummy data that I'll use. I really don't get it.
Updated 21-Oct-20 5:12am
F-ES Sitecore 21-Oct-20 10:25am
So on your first day of a course you only get an assignment with no instruction or education about how to complete it? You're left on your own? That's like attending flight school and on the first day being put in a cockpit and told to fly to the next country. If you're not getting any actual education on your course I'd do another course as you're not actually being taught anything.

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Sorry but this site does not provide code to order. Also I find it difficult to believe that this assignment has been given to you on your first day of classes. The assignment requires a good understanding of Javascript at the very least. I suggest talking to your teacher to explain that you need far more tutoring before you can attempt such a project.

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