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I'd like to call web app link from my web form application.
How do i do that?
eg., this is my web app using web form http://Test/MyApp/Main.aspx?uid=123456&Mode=1

How do i pass query string (uid & Mode) to .net core web app link.
I am in half-way learning .net core.
For web form i have a few years exp but not sure how do i integrate/link together 2 web app link which are using 2 different technologies.

What I have tried:

Not much yet. .net core can catch query string or not.
Sandeep Mewara 22-Oct-20 13:43pm
If they are two separate application and all you need is to call one from another using query string then where is the problem? treat them as two web app (does not matter if webforms or core). In there specific web app, handle passing and reading the query string passed in url.

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