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How do i send a text file which is imported as a resource into an array. I keep getting an error saying there are illegal characters. the text file has a list of words arranged like this


I want to keep it in this same format

What I have tried:

    ArrayList AnimalList;
    String path = Resources.Animals;
    string[] Animals = null;
    Animals = File.ReadAllLines(path);
    AnimalList = new ArrayList(Animals);
catch (Exception ex)
    MessageBox.Show("Files could not be found:\n" + ex.Message);
Updated 23-Oct-20 23:20pm
Patrice T 23-Oct-20 20:27pm
Give exact error message.
vikil chandrapati 23-Oct-20 20:35pm
Illegal characters in path
Richard MacCutchan 24-Oct-20 4:18am
See my suggestion below.
Member 14732673 23-Oct-20 22:28pm
Put a couple of breakpoints in the code and step through it to find where the error occurs.

I suspect its in the File.ReadAllLines.
Something in the path has illegal characters.

ps the arrayList should be a List<t> as arraylist is not supposed to be used anymore.

Use File.ReadLines in System.IO: it returns an Array of String: [^]
I do not think that File Read will read a resource, that is most likely the cause of the error. See Working with .resx Files Programmatically | Microsoft Docs[^] for how to read resources correctly.

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